Viril-X (pills) Review

Viril-X is a potent supplement for every man seeking better sexual performance. It comes packed with a total of 21 ingredients which boost testosterone, produce a long-lasting erection, increase stamina during sexual activities, and enhance libido. It mixes many of the so-called  “natural Viagra” substances available on the market to create a potent concoction that ameliorates blood flow by relaxing penile muscles and arteries. Viril-X works on many levels since it’s based on a series of synergies between the action of the various active substances, for a final result that seems to be vastly superior to many other supplements available on the market.

Viril X is manufactured by Dignity Bio-Labs, a company that produces many high-quality over-the-counter vitamins and supplements. All their lab are registered and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their manufacturing processes adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This supplement, in particular, was introduced to the market in 2016, so you may find different types of packaging available. The capsules, which should be taken two times a day, are suitable for vegetarian people as well.

Main Benefits and Activity

  • Boosts stamina for long-lasting sexual performance
  • Can help reduce premature ejaculation
  • Used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Promotes prostate health
  • Enhances erections even in healthy male
  • Improve the production of Nitric Oxide
  • Enhance energy levels and fights off fatigue
  • Increases testosterone levels in the body

Recent Customer Reviews

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Among all other testosterone booster pills, Viril-X boasts the longest list of ingredients for a total of 21 active substances aimed at improving your sexual health and performance. According to the manufacturer’s description, all the ingredients included in the product are raw and 100% natural. Viril-X uses a unique technology that allows for fast nutrient absorption to provide an immediate effect and a quick increase in sexual appetite. However, thanks to the delayed-release, the body will keep absorbing them for many hours, allowing you to maintain long-lasting, powerful erection, and prolonged results as well.

All ingredients in Viril-X are readily bio-available so that their dose actually corresponds to their action, making them significantly more effective than the alternatives. They include the top 5 most potent testosterone-boosting ingredients known in the world. The product is contained in vegetarian capsules, so it is suited to everyone’s tastes.

Maca – Maca or Peruvian Ginseng is a powerful herb that the ancient Inca warrior used to enhance their physical prowess. The Inca priests kept the raw powder of this potent herbal remedy stashed, so that only the best, most renown fighters could eat it just before they went into battle. According to the tradition, maca (Lepidium meyenii) helps reduce fatigue, improve stamina, and stimulate libido. Modern science explained to us that this superfood is able to naturally boost testosterone levels, other than coming packed with many other nutritional substances that provide a quick surge of energy.

Catuaba – Catuaba is a natural remedy widely used in Brasilian folk medicine to enhance libido and sexual desire. A known aphrodisiac, Catuaba is a natural tonic that helps relieve stress, insomnia and anxiety thanks to its natural calming properties. For this reason, it is able to make all sexual activities more pleasant and relaxing, resulting in more powerful and satisfying orgasms, and is often used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Muira Puama – Muira Puama is known as “the root of strength” by many indigenous people living in the Amazon Basin. It is used to rejuvenate the body and protect it from stress and fatigue. Muira Puama is mixed with Catuaba as a powerful aphrodisiac, a relaxing tonic, and for treating a wide range of sexual disorders.

Boron Citrate – Boron is a mineral that affects the way the body handles many other minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It is used for building strong muscles and bones, and it’s often taken by bodybuilders to increase mass. Boron increases testosterone levels and helps maintain healthy physical and mental function, muscle coordination, and thinking skills. The citrate salt makes boron readily available after ingestion.

Avena Sativa – Avena sativa is a popular alternative to medicines that can be used to improve sexual wellness in both women and men. In particular, it is known to be most effective for men since it supports increased levels of free testosterone, especially if taken in conjunction with Tribulus Terrestris. Avena sativa is a long term remedy that requires some time to be effective, but it supports a healthy libido for a longer time than many other natural substances.

Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus Terrestris takes its name from the Latin word triboli (caltrops) because of the characteristic shape of the seeds of this plant. Tribulus has many steroid properties that are used to treat infertility. It is, in fact, defined as a “luteinizing” remedy, since it promotes the production of the LH hormone and testosterone. Athletes often take it to increase their resistance to fatigue, and some studies found it can be used to promote a healthy prostate function.

Kola Nut – Kola Nuts grow in Brazil and Jamaica, where they are chewed to reduce fatigue as an alternative to coffee. Kola acts as a tonic and stimulant since it’s full of caffeine, and increases energy levels. The nut extracts enhance blood circulation and boost the immune system.

Nettles – The popular stingy plant has many beneficial properties, such as preventing prostate enlargement and acting as a rich source of many nutrients. According to some studies, nettles may prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, reducing prostate inflammation, and helping with many problems of the genitourinary system.

Cayenne – A particularly powerful chili pepper, cayenne helps improving blood flow, especially in males. This “hot” spice is a known aphrodisiac that comes packed with many vitamins and antioxidants and helps to shed some excess weight by stimulating the metabolism.

Sarsaparilla – Sarsaparilla has been known for centuries to the Native Americans as a plant that helps increase muscle mass and enhance blood flow. Recent studies found it is also able to balance sexual hormones and provides relief from inflammation.

Pumpkin Seed – Pumpkin Seeds are full of vitamins, mineral, and other healthy nutrients that protect the liver, prostate, and immune system. They’re also a rich source of energy and antioxidants.

Orchic Substance – Orchic Substance is an extract obtained from cattle testicles. It is a rich source of fresh testosterone and promotes the health of testicles when assumed regularly.

L-Citrulline – L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is transformed into L-arginine (see below) and, more importantly, Nitric Oxide once it is ingested. Since it’s a rich source of this substance, it can help against erectile dysfunction, improves blood flow, and guarantees a stronger, more durable erection.

L-Arginine HCL – L-Arginine is an amino acid that is rapidly converted by the body into Nitric Oxide. It is one of the richest sources of this substance in nature, and it is commonly found in red meat, fish, and dairy products.

Barrenwort –  Also known as Epimedium, Barrenwort is one of the most potent invigorating substances known by Chinese medicine. It is widely used to treat infertility problems as it enhances libido and sexual desire. It is also used to stave off sexual problems, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Eleutherococcus – Also known as “Siberian Ginseng,” Eleutherococcus is a powerful immune booster than vastly increases energy levels, helps stave off stress and fatigue, and acts as one of the world most potent adaptogens. A Russian study found that workers who assumed Eleutherococcus regularly showed better physical resistance and lower stress levels than those who didn’t.

Niacin – Niacin is a vitamin of the B group, also known as vitamin B3. It helps the body produce energy more efficiently and promotes the health of the heart and circulatory system.

Ginger – A true panacea, Ginger is a cure-all that is used as anti-inflammatory medication in folk medicine. It improves blood circulation and invigorates the body.

Korean Ginseng – Korean Ginseng is a powerful tonic that improves overall health, reduces fatigue, improves stamina, and enhances the activity of the immune system.

American Ginseng – Native Americans had their own version of Panax Ginseng, known as the American Ginseng. Other than acting as an exceptional remedy for stress, American Ginseng is used to increase energy and assist with many sexual dysfunctions.

Zinc Oxide – Although it may seem nothing but filler since it has no specific properties, Zinc Oxide is a fundamental ingredient in this formula. In fact, Zinc enhances the potency and effectiveness of many other ingredients since it helps the body absorb and use them in a timely manner.

How does Viril-X work?

Viril X is a safe product for men of all ages that improves sexual function through several synergistic mechanisms. It is composed of a blend of different natural ingredients that support each other to enhance libido, increase energy levels, and guarantee stronger, long-lasting erections. Viril-X activity depends on two fundamental mechanisms: increasing testosterone levels, and boosting the production of nitric oxide. According to the manufacturer, this product is the only supplement available on the market that does both at the same time.

The first effect is to increase free testosterone levels. A higher amount of testosterone in the blood increases muscle mass, reduces the sensation of fatigue, improve overall stamina, and naturally enhances sexual performance. Healthy testosterone levels are also the cornerstone of a powerful libido and can increase sexual desire in men of all ages, other than help them maintain strong erections that can last all night.

The second effect is to stimulate the production of Nitric Oxide, a substance that is found naturally in the human body. Nitric Oxide concentrates inside the penile chambers, where it increases the blood flow, ensuring harder, stronger, and more lasting erections. More blood also increases the size of the male organ, improves stamina and performance during sexual intercourse, and enhances the passion and intensity of orgasms for both partners.

The manufacturer suggests taking two capsules of Viril-X every day to “enjoy instant erections on command.” The first one should be taken in the morning, and the second one in the evening, preferably without food to improve absorption. The supplement must be taken twice per day for a minimum period of six months before its full benefits could be experienced.

About the Manufacturer

Viril X is being manufactured by Dignity Bio-Labs. The website of the manufacturer looks legit, and the company has been in business at least since 2012. They claim that the quality of their product is guaranteed and that all their facilities have been approved by the FDA. However, information available is somewhat limited

This company claims that they have been in business since 2012 and boasts FDA approved facilities for producing their product. However, there’s no information about their physical location, where their products are manufactured, and what is the number of their license.


  • Beneficial for the prostate as well
  • Useful for people suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Boosts muscle strength and reduces fatigue during physical activity
  • All ingredients are raw and 100% natural ingredients
  • Enhances libido, sexual activity, and desire


  • Product ingredients may show inconsistencies depending on the packaging
  • Different retailers may send you a different packaging
  • Despite being reassuring, information about the manufacturer is somewhat limited
  • The product contains caffeine, but there’s no clear indication about the quantity
  • The amount of each ingredient is unknown since the formula uses a proprietary blend of ingredients.
  • Contains at least one stimulant substance

Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with the use of this supplement listed in the product’s label. However, some of the ingredients are known to cause some adverse reactions and should be used with caution. In particular, if you suffer from any one of these side effects, you should stop taking the supplement immediately and ask check with your doctor:

American Ginseng – It is known to cause tachycardia, headaches, gut problems, nervousness, allergic reactions, and low blood pressure.

Korean Ginseng – It may cause insomnia and anxiety. Generally not recommended for prolonged use.

Tribulus Terrestris – Generally not recommended for long-term use. It may cause liver problems, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, low blood pressure, and insomnia.

L-Arginine – May cause digestion problems, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, allergic reactions, and airway inflammation.

Safety Precautions

Some of the ingredients found in Viral-X may interact with other drugs, so you should always ask your physician’s advice first if you suffer from any conditions or are taking other supplements or medications.

Since some substances found in this product may decrease blood pressure, it is contraindicated in people who suffer from diabetes.

Where to Buy

Viril X can be bought directly from the official website of the manufacturer as well as from many popular e-commerce such as Amazon or eBay. For a short while, Amazon discontinued selling this product, probably because the packaging was changed. However, now it’s once again available on this platform as well.

List Price of one bottle of 60 capsules is $69.90. However, you can find it on Amazon and eBay for as low as  $54.59. The manufacturers offers it at $54.95 per bottle, in a larger package of 3 bottles for $134.85 ($44.95 per bottle), and in an even larger package of 6 bottle for $227.70 ($37.95 per bottle).

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer guarantees a 90-day refund policy for unsatisfied clients. Used and unused products can be returned within 90 days, and they also provide a PO Box, phone number, and email for assistance.


Here are some alternatives to Viril X for supporting sexual activity, libido, and desire.

Virectin – According to the manufacturer, Virectin is the best male enhancement supplement on the market and the only one which can deliver results on the first day of treatment. (Read our full review.)

Nugenix – Nugenix is a free testosterone booster that is indicated for younger men who want a boost. It is also available in a more powerful version, Nugenix Ultimate, that also improves bound testosterone as well for an even more potent effect. (Read our full review.)

Max Performer – Max Performer is probably the most potent formula available. Even a bit too much. Not suited for all tastes, but it is definitely effective in delivering the results. (Read our full review.)

Ageless Male – Ageless Male is similar to Nugenix in the fact that it comes in a form that targets only free testosterone, and another one (Ageless Male Max) that also targets bound testosterone as well. Unlike similar products, Ageless male lists no stimulants among its ingredients. (Read our full review.)


Although it’s hard to determine whether Viril X may be ranked #1 among other testosterone supplements, it still is a popular and effective supplement. However, it is hard to understand how much each ingredient may have a relevance on the overall effectiveness of the supplement since the dosage of each one of them is not specified.

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