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Let us take a moment to look at the general picture. Let’s talk about sex. Sex is amazing. It enables us to do many things and there are many benefits to having sex. Some benefits include; boosting your immune system; boosting your libido, improving bladder control for women, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, stress relief, (Stöppler, 2016) and the list goes on but, what if we have a few problems when it comes to our sexual health? Men and women have different treatments and problems, of course, but, let’s focus on some of the problems men have when it comes to sex.

What are Sexual Dysfunctions Men Might Have?

Sexual dysfunctions have both physical and psychological causes. It may also happen at any age but, it is said that as you age, it is more common, which means that the risk of having a sexual dysfunction is higher as you get older. So what specifically causes men to have a sexual dysfunction? There are actually many factors that contribute to this. Sexual dysfunctions may be caused by low testosterone levels; prescription drugs such as antidepressants or high blood pressure medication; blood vessel disorder; high blood pressure; diabetes; surgery; smoking; alcoholism and; drug abuse (Cleveland Clinic, 2015).

Psychologically, men may have sexual performance anxiety. This is what shows us that sexual performance and emotions have a link to sexual satisfaction and performance. Psychological factors may include: fear of being unable to sexually satisfy your partner; poor body image; relationship problems; penis size insecurity; ejaculating too soon or taking too long to ejaculate; anxiety about being unable to orgasm (WebMD, N.D.).

 Ejaculation Disorders
Types Definition
Pre-mature ejaculation This is when ejaculation happens too soon either before or after penetration
Inhibited or delayed ejaculation This happens when ejaculation takes too long
Retrograde ejaculation This happens when semen is forced back to the bladder than through the opening of the penis
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Erectile dysfunction is having the inability to have an erect penis and keeping it erect during sex.
Low Libido Low libido means having less interest or desire for sex.

Cleveland Clinic, 2015

A Brief History of Sex Enhancing Drugs

Viagra was the first to launch a sex enhancing drug and has been known to have been selling their sexual performance enhancing drug for over 20 years. If you look into the history of sex enhancing drugs, you’ll probably see is that Viagra was never meant to be one of them. It was originally meant to treat high blood pressure and angina, a pain felt at the chest due to reduced blood flow in the heart.

The way that it made a penis erect is was a side effect was part of its hypothesis before the product launch. It’s also known under the name “sildenafil citrate,” which was its main active ingredient and was prescribed to around 40,000 men within the first few weeks of launch. This eventually led the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to analyse the contents of Viagra and approve it for treating erectile dysfunction (MacNiell, 2018).

Aphrodisiacs vs. Viagra

Aphrodisiacs is a substance or a drug that has been known to increase libido and enhance your sex drive. Aphrodisiacs have been around for maybe as long as human civilization noticed the effect it had on people’s sex drive. Viagra and aphrodisiacs are not to be confused with one another because although Viagra helps a man have an erection, it does not increase sexual arousal. Sexual arousal comes from sexual activity from your partner (Wiegman, N. D.).

The downside to relying on aphrodisiacs alone is that you would have to take a huge amount of an aphrodisiac for it to have an effect on erectile dysfunction and some research even suggests that the effect of eating aphrodisiacs could also be because of a placebo effect (Wong, 2017), which is most likely the reason why Viagra became so popular. The ease of use and potency that Viagra offers is something that a huge number of men want and need to be sexually satisfied and to sexually satisfy their partner.

Viagra Alternatives

Aside from penis enlargement tools, there are a lot of Viagra alternatives and with the huge number of men who encounter problems of sexual dysfunction, you could just imagine how much of a hot product Viagra is even if it costs around $60 per pill. If you were to have sex at least two to four times a week, which would give you a total of $120 to $240 per week or even more. In a month, you would have too spend around $480 – $960 to maximize your sexual experience.

 There are alternatives to Viagra such as, Tadalafil (Adcirca and Cialis), Avanafil (Stendra) and Verdanafil (Levitra and Staxyn) which works in the same way as Viagra does but, with a few differences, a states by WebMD (N.D.). If you do want to use sexual enhancement pills, visiting your doctor would be best to know which kind of pill your doctor recommends.  

Rhino Pills

When you suddenly feel the sexual urge and your partner is willing to have an intimate session with you, but your dick is just not following. Let us say that you are on vacation and you forgot your penis pump or any kind of tool you have to enlarge your penis, your best bet is to go to the nearest convenience store or gas station to get you something to help you with your situation and lo and behold, there are Rhino Pills and many variants too. Thank God, right?

Rhino pills have been proven to carry sildenafil which is, the main ingredient of Viagra. Although it does have the exact ingredient as Viagra, it doesn’t exactly mean that it is safe to use as this ingredient may interact with other ingredients in the pills. Rhino products are often sold in single use packaging and some of the known names of these products are Platinum Rhino 25000, Krazzy Rhino 25000 and Gold Rhino 25000. With a 10$ price tag, trying it would not hurt right? (Stoddard, 2019).Well, not exactly. Rhino pills is another recent version of a Viagra alternative, as it helps men have an erection and lets you have a great run in the bedroom.

Viagra of course is the most popular and the very first drug made in order to treat erectile dysfunction and is also known as the most effective sexual enhancement drug. While Viagra has sildenafil citrate, Rhino pills are, as mentioned earlier, said to be a herbal remedy to improve or erectile dysfunction. Rhino pills on the other hand are not US FDA approved. Aside from it not being approved, the US FDA even promotes avoiding the “Rhino” brand.

Why exactly do they disapprove and even promote the avoidance of it? For starters, it is a black market product and is sold at convenience stores, gas stations, and on websites such as e-bay and Amazon. To further explain, the FDA has found more than 25 products with the same “Rhino” name with hidden drug ingredients. Since “Rhino” pills are “herbal supplements” the need to state all the ingredients are not as strict. Rhino pills are not meant to be taken every day as they are said to have an extreme prolonged period of an errection. Reports of chest pain, severe headaches, prolonged erections, and some men have even been hospitalized because of extreme drops in blood pressure after taking a Rhino penis enhancement product (Preidt, 2018).


There are even reports that say that Rhino pills are much stronger than Viagra with their packaging claiming that it will give their users “stamina, size, and time” which will help greatly in preventing pre-mature ejaculation. What is wrong with that? It might be a great thing for men to have pro-longed erections, stamina, size and more but, using Rhino products could lead to damaging your penis along with the earlier mentioned reports (Geanous 2018).

It must be a puzzling fact for you as how these drugs end up in reputable establishments and this problem arose because of the fact that regulations for dietary supplements are not as strict as drugs (Curley, 2018). Since “Rhino” pills are herbal supplements, they fall under the dietary supplement category and therefore were not expected to have such extreme effects as mentioned before.

If the FDA discourages the use and distribution of Rhino pills, why are there a lot of good reviews on it? Even if there are adverse side effects to the use of these pills, there is a lot of success in the use of these products because they work for a short time but not in the intended, safe way. According to healthline.com, the low price is the main reason why people buy unlicensed goods, such as Rhino pills.

Healthline.com also states that the interaction to get a sexual enhancement drug is one of the things that men want to avoid and it really just points them to the direction of the unlicensed imitations of Viagra. The shame of talking to a health care professional together with the cheap price of Rhino pills and the high cost of healthcare contribute to the problem of men seeking cheap and easy solutions for their sexual dysfunction (Curley, 2018).

There is nothing wrong with seeking cheap and easy solutions but it is best to strive for “healthy and safe” solutions as well. Taking Rhino pills will save you a pretty penny in the beginning because of the cheap price but the effects that you get after using it will definitely pose a huge risk on your health and will cost you big bucks in the long run.

Some of the hidden ingredients include phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. This hidden ingredient poses a great health risk for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and/or heart disease because it could interact with the nitrates in their prescription medicine. The ongoing problem for male sexual enhancement drugs is a big battle because there are so many people trying to make a big profit from selling these type of pills.

There was even a report of a South Korean national which was perceived to be living in Los Angeles, who smuggled drugs from Hong Kong and China, which would enable him to manufacture unlicensed male sexual enhancement drugs (Eustachewich, N.D).  The number of public warnings that the FDA has published for you to make sure that you man does not end up in a hospital. The battle against non-licensed sexual enhancement has been going on since 2007, when the ingredients of Rhino pills were made public (Geanous, 2018).


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