Phalogenics PE Program

Have you ever felt embarrassed during your sexy time with your partner? Or perhaps you just felt like you could have done so much better? You see, women will always demand satisfaction from their partner whether they tell you or not. For them, pleasure is an important factor which men need to account for. Men, on the other hand, can feel in-confident and/or guilty, especially when someone – particularly their partner – criticizes them for their inability to provide satisfactory sexual experience. Fortunately, there is a thing called Phalogenics.

By essence, Phalogenics is a program dedicated to teaching you the secret to obtaining a larger penis. And unlike those traditional methods out there, this one right here does not need the likes of herbal extracts, lotions, and pills, just to name a few. Thanks to the ever-growing technological advancement, this type of program has been successful so far in its goal to help men acquire great results in a much safer and effective way.

If you want to know more about Phalogenics and its ability to give you the much-needed size enlargement for your buddy, then you have come to the right place. This review is all you need to get you going. Make sure to keep everything about it in mind. So, without further ado, here is everything about Phalogenics in a nutshell.

What is Phalogenics Program?

Phalogenics is basically a male enhancement solution specifically designed for men who get criticized all the time due to their inability to satisfy their partners in bed. In most cases, people would rather go for penile surgery since it is the most common ways of achieving penis enlargement. With Phalogenics, however, you will undergo the so-called penile micro-trauma therapy. It simply focuses on a therapeutic light which involves the healing and stretching technique. Through the latter, your penile tissue can be stimulated more effectively in order to absorb a good amount of blood. As a result, your erections are not only larger but harder as well, leading to a more satisfied woman in bed.

You will also appreciate the fact that Phalogenics is based on a community known for its commitment to developing self-confidence, not to mention its extreme focus on enhancing the growth of the penis. Again, as mentioned above, this is a natural way of enlarging your penis. It is neither a pill nor a drug. It is not even considered a capsule or any quick medication meant to expand your penis like magic.

In the market right now, it cannot be denied that there are plenty of products with the purpose of providing male enhancement. While their efficiency is still debatable, they are nothing compared to Phalogenics. That is because the latter has been scientifically proven as a great technique for male enhancement. What is more, it can be considered as a go-to trick alongside exercises that can help you feel more confident when it comes to your sexual desires.

Moreover, Phalogenics is considered a natural exercise-based method for male organ enhancement. Of course, it is still a process – and its effects do not necessarily have to be there overnight. Otherwise, you can compare it to other products in the market that are all promises without any real results.

Phalogenics and Its Benefits

Now that you have a general idea of what Phalogenics is, it is imperative that you get access to its main benefits. After all, this is the main purpose of why you are reading this review. Let’s take a look at some of its many benefits, all of which are listed below:

  • Proven to be a natural penile enlargement solution, one that can be used without the worry of getting any adverse effects
  • Gives you the ability to gain between 2 and 4 increase in both length and girth
  • Capable of providing you with a significant increase in semen production
  • Allows you to have much better control when it comes to ejaculation so you can stay much longer in bed
  • Makes your penis head fuller, while giving you larger and harder erections – results that are proven to be efficient and permanent
  • Enables you to be a better lover in bed, not to mention its drastic increase in self-confidence
  • Some of the many techniques that you can learn in Phalogenics program are quite easy to perform, especially since most of them can be taken within a handful of minutes only
  • All of the exercises in the program are also designed to correct a curved penis

Phalogenics in a Glimpse

Basically, the Phalogenics program is all about stimulating the male corpora cavernosa, which is also known as corpus cavernosum. In case you have no idea what it is, it refers to the tissue in your penis that is akin to a sponge. By essence, it is responsible for absorbing blood when pumped right into it. When your penis is slightly erected, the corpora cavernosa is able to bring more space.

Once the stretch is done, your penis will start to through what is called a healing process. From here, there is a sudden increase in corpora cavernosa’s ability to absorb more blood. And when this happens, you can rest assured knowing that you are able to have a much longer and harder penis. But since this is a repetitive process (again, the results are not obtained overnight), you need to have plenty of patience.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the program also comes with a handful of significant features. If you are interested in undergoing it, then you might want to check what these features are. They are all detailed below:

  • Enhanced confidence
  • Properly supports erection
  • Boosts and increases your sexual stamina
  • A natural and permanent solution
  • More cost-effective solution when compared to other practice or products on the market

Why You Should Consider Phalogenics Program?

As you can see in the benefits and features above, you can easily tell that it is worth trying out. After all, you want to see results that are not only achieved naturally but are also permanent. However, since it will still require your decision power, it is imperative to learn about the reasons to consider it.

For starters, there are a good number of phalogenics supplements available in the market right now. The only catch, however, is that most of them are unsafe, especially since they have not been clinically proven. What is worse, they can be detrimental to your health. That instead of using them to enhance your sexual performance, you are doing more harm than good.

With Phalogenics program, however, everything you do is considered natural. The same thing can be said for the many techniques involved. And while the results are not achieved right away, they are permanent; hence, you are able to save more money than you could when buying products or supplement.

The Ordering Process

Once you place your order, you will get access to a DVD pack which arrives with various tricks all designed to help manipulate your penis. They make it possible for your buddy to be straighter, longer, and even fatter if you will. Yes, you heard that right. Above all else, you will be getting a much harder penis for better sexual performance. You can easily tell that it is the most appropriate system for men like you who are looking for a male enhancement system that can help you during intimacy. And if you have tried other solutions before – particularly those that did not work – you can easily tell the difference.

Moreover, what you will be getting is a three-part series that supports the idea of penile enlargement via a variety of processes. Plus, the program itself can work in tandem with a program called “Advanced Sexual Mastery.” Not only does it improve your sexual performance in bed, but it can also help you understand the ways to pleasure a woman. The extra program, though, can be obtained in 14-day access, unless you decide to pursue it much longer.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing all of your account details. There is also a link that will redirect you to the member’s area. From there, you will be introduced to a handful of training videos. You can then just start your male enhancement journey!

What You Get From Spending Your Money

It really is true that people can be doubtful when it comes to spending money on DVDs, especially when these seem to offer a variety of ways to manhandle their buddy. Apparently, your order comes with a money-back guarantee. To boot, here are the things you will be getting from the box that you will be buying:

The platinum video series

  • An instructional book about the idea of “releasing the Beast”
  • Another instructional book that discusses “The Magic Beanstalk”
  • Also an instructional book about the “porn star activation system”

Does Phalogenics Actually Work?

Believe it or not, the program is actually far from being a scam. There have been success stories from people who tried it. As long as you follow the different exercises included and detailed in the program, there is no doubt that you will be seeing results in the near future. You can really rest assured knowing that you will soon get lengthy manhood.

Recent Reviews on Phalogenics Program

Of course, you cannot just take our word for it. You can also check what other people or users are saying, so you can really get an idea of how efficient phalogenics is. More importantly, you will understand just how improved their sexual lives are after using the program.

Expensive But Effective

“It holds true that the program can be a bit expensive. But like any other solution, it is an investment. What is important is that you are not sending your money out blindly. You know exactly what you will be getting. And, so far, the journey has been quite pleasing. I am also starting to see results within a few days.”


“For someone who is new in the field of male enhancement, I find the program intuitive. It includes a very in-depth explanation of every exercise you are going to undergo. In fact, there are graphics which show the male genitalia (so it might be a good idea to close your doors when watching these videos).  Most of the exercises are definitely a challenge, especially for someone who is a beginner like me. And while the instructions are just in plain text, you can easily go by them thanks to these instructional videos.”

The Program Can Take Long But Effective

“Phalogenics can really take a bit of time for it to work out. Sure, a lot of male enhancement pills out there can provide you with a shorter period of time, but my problem with them is the possibility of getting negative results. With Phalogenics, everything I do is very well within the premise of a natural process. But I think this program is not suited for people who see exercises as tedious work to do. But if you just stick with it, you will see how effective it can be.”

A Great Addition Actually

“I am still a bit skeptical of Phalogenics, but it does not mean I am not experiencing its benefits. I actually am. In fact, I tried using it alongside other male enhancement solutions I have right now. So far, everything has worked in harmony. Phalogenics, in particular, has made it possible for me to be a better partner in bed. I have been using it for months now. And within those months, I can say that the program is really impressive. I have never been more satisfied in a program like this in my life!”

The Member’s Area Explained

Once you logged in to the Member’s Area, a 5-minute video with a detailed instruction will welcome you. It is basically an instructional video about how you can perform Jelqing, which is simply an exercise also known to be shrooming. The latter is a penis enlargement exercise that requires you to squeeze your penis and stroke it a couple of times.

Aside from the aforementioned exercise, the welcome video also features a technique dubbed as the hot wrap. Unlike Jelqing, this method right here comes with the need to take a warm washcloth and wrap it around your penis. The idea is pretty straightforward and it is all about stimulating blood flow before you indulge in any exercise routine included in the program.

Furthermore, the Member’s Area offers a couple of PDFs to further help you with your overall training program. One of them is none other than the Phalogenics Exercise Guide, which is basically a manual that offers a comprehensive guide on properly performing all of the exercises included in the program. From there, you will see that there are at least three sections and all of them will cover a total of 12 weeks.

The Beginner’s Section

In the first week, you will learn how to perform warm-ups the right way. The exercise itself will only require at least 10 minutes of your day.

The second and third week will be more about learning how to do side to side routines, which are something you will have to undergo repeatedly over the course of two weeks. The third week, in particular, will offer a combination of routines you get from the first and second weeks.

As far as the fourth week is concerned, you will begin to see some significant improvements, especially when your thing is erect. This is also when you will learn more about the titular Kegel exercises, which is a routine that stimulates your pelvic floor’s main muscles.

Pros and Cons

Like all male enhancement solutions out there, Phalogenics still has its own pros and cons (although it offers more pros than cons, so to speak).


  • Offers 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A natural way of enlarging your penis
  • Program is so easy to download
  • No tools or medications are required, although you are free to use them alongside the program


  • Results can take longer to see and they usually depend on the frequency of your exercises
  • The exercises are routines; hence, the results can differ based on how committed you are to them


Yes, you read that right – the program actually comes with a return policy. You are allowed to process a return or replacement as long as the program is purchased directly from the main website. If you think and feel that it is not right for you – or you simply know it is not working – you can always request a refund. However, you have to make sure that the request is done at least 60 days before the purchase date. As long as you do so, you will be eligible for a 100% refund.

The Bottom Line

Phalogenics is indeed a workable program. Again, it is not an overnight process; hence, you need to be committed in order to see the results. What is important is that there are no adverse effects since the process is natural and safe to undergo.

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