Fleshlight Reviews

Masturbation is the act of pleasuring one’s self and is considered beneficial to a person in many ways. It is a common act that people do at any age, and is considered essential in the sexual development of most individuals. Men, in particular, masturbate for sexual pleasure at least a few times a week. They usually use their hand and a form of lubricant, like gel or lotion. One alternative that men use in order to get sexual pleasure without a partner is with the use of a device called a Fleshlight.

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a device that comes in the shape of a flashlight with a rubber vagina-like opening on one end. The name of the device itself is a play on words, with the flesh part being the vagina-like opening and the entire term referencing the shape of the flashlight, with a long shaft or handle. This device was first invented and patented in 1998 and has since risen in popularity among those who seek sexual pleasure without a partner. The device was patented as a discreet device for sperm collection instead of just a masturbatory aid.

The device has a few designs that men can choose from. These include what the manufacturer calls “sleeves”, which are the rubber vagina openings that are used with the oversized flashlight shafts. These sleeves can come in standard vagina shapes, but are also available in mouth and anus shapes. Some of these openings have been molded from the real vaginal openings of some of the more popular names in porn.

These devices can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to represent various ethnicities. There are also see-through variants and even versions that are made specifically for gay men. The product made for gay men are called Fleshjacks. The internal textures of these Fleshlights also come in many different variants to suit the whims and desires of individual users.

Different Types of Fleshlight Devices

While most people believe that this device comes in just one general variant, there are actually 4 main types and few special variants that they can choose from. The four main types are:

  • Fleshlight Classic – This is the patented design that has been improved over time. This comes with a smooth internal texture and a flesh-colored sleeve.
  • Fleshlight STU – The STU in this name stands for Stamina Training Unit and is said to help improve a man’s performance in bed. It comes with a rather tight opening and small smooth ridges or bumps in the inner part of the sleeve.
  • Fleshlight Go – This is the travel-sized variant and is smaller than the regular sized ones. It’s small size makes it ideal for those with smaller penises since its maximum length is at 8.5 inches with a 3-inch girth.
  • Fleshlight Flight – This is another travel-sized piece much like the Go but in a sleeve that is less conspicuous than the other designs. It comes in the same size as the Go.

Aside from these four main types, this device also comes in other specialized designs made to suit the individual needs of users. These include the following:

  • Ice – This comes with a clear shaft but is designed just like the Classic.
  • Turbo – This is used by those who want to feel like they are being given a blowjob since it simulates the movements as well as the sucking and swallowing that happens with it.
  • Freaks – This design is for those who want something weird for their masturbation, hence the name. It is said to come in freaky alien-like textures and designs.
  • Sex in a Can – As the name implies, these devices are shaped like cans. These make them discreet and can even be displayed without fear of embarrassment, as long as the person seeing it does not realize what it actually is for.
  • Vibro – The name of this variant is also rather self-explanatory, which means it vibrates as a person uses it. This Fleshlight requires batteries to operate.
  • Quickshot – This is the shortest of all the products in this lineup and actually has two open ends. It is also considered a travel sized variant since it is only 9 cm long.

Review of Top Choices for Fleshlights

As with any product, some of these types sell better than others. Here are some of the best sellers and what makes them the favorite of some users.

The Classic Pink Lady– Nothing beats the classic, or so some users say. This comes with a smooth shaft and has no ridges or bumps inside. This classic design measures a total of 10 inches in length and can accommodate a penis that is 8.5 inches long. This design is bigger than your standard flashlight in length and girth, and needs two hands for proper usage. This is ideal for first time users and for those who want to last longer before ejaculating.

The Classic Build Your Own – This is just a term that is used by regular buyers of the product since it allows them to create a Fleshlight suited for their specific needs. It uses the standard Classic shaft which can be fitted with a variety of sleeves in various designs. Some of the sleeves that are often chosen for this includes the Destroya, which is considered a penis-friendly sleeve that has a smooth opening and a variety of rounded ridges or “teeth” near the middle. Another top choice for those who choose this variant is the Mini Lotus, which is said to have an inner texture that closely simulates the inside of a woman’s vagina. Other popular options that belong to this variant include sleeves like the Wonder Wave, Heaven, and Vortex.

The Classic Girls – Ever wonder what it would be like to do one of the more popular porn stars you see in videos online? Well, wonder no more. Fleshlight Girls gives you the chance to see how it feels to insert your penis in the vaginas of some of the well-known porn actresses around. Fleshlight Girls features vaginal openings that are molded on the actresses themselves and interior sleeves that are unique to each type. While you can definitely say that the outer parts of these Fleshlights are copied from the actresses they are named for, the interiors may be somewhat dubious. These however come with textures that are unique to each type. Some of the most popular names that you can get for your pleasure include the following:

  • Riley Reid – One of the names that comes with a smooth exterior and ridged interior.
  • Tera Patrick – She is considered one of the legends in the biz and her signature Fleshlight is a favorite because of its Twista interior. As the name implies, it comes with twists inside that moves slightly when used.
  • Teagan Presley – The mold for this Fleshlight is loved by fans for her taut body and seductive look. Her signature product is called the Love Humps and it comes with tight orifices as well as small nodes that stimulate a user’s shaft.
  • Jenna Haze – One of the most prolific porn stars around also has her own signature Fleshlight. With over 500 films to her name, it is no wonder that she has one of the most popular sleeves around. This sleeve is called Maze and is lined with hundreds of nodes, purportedly around 500 of them, one for each of her films.
  • Jesse Jane – Want to try out the Fleshlight that simulates the vagina of a porn star that plays the sweet role of a cheerleader or a military brat? Why not give the Jesse Jane a try.
  • Riley Steele – One of the newest names in the industry also has her own Fleshlight to fantasize in. Called Nipple Alley, this sleeve is also molded on the actress herself and comes with ridges and bumps that feel good when used.
  • Lisa Ann – Considered one of the most seasoned porn stars in this lineup, the Fleshlight that is molded on this actress is called the Barracuda, and for a good reason. This sleeve comes with front-facing bristles and dick ticklers within.

The Fleshlight Girls lineup features 23 well-known porn actresses, all of which had their vaginas molded into these sleeves for the pleasure of their fans. Each one comes with the actress’s signature near the opening and a different interior to give you a different sensation for each one.

The STU – The Stamina Training Unit is considered one of the tight fit choices around. It has bumps inside that stimulate the user’s shaft. This is called the STU for a reason since regular use will help the user get used to the added stimulation of the bumps, which can make their shafts less sensitive. This can help them last longer in bed with a real partner.

The Go – This portable version of the Fleshlight measures 7 inches in total, as opposed to the Classic, which measures 10 inches in total. This smaller version is the travel sized piece of the collection and can fit a penis up to 6.5 inches deep. It also has a smaller opening, which makes it tight but not ideal for men with larger penis girth. The Go only comes in two sub-variants, which are the Surge Lady and the Torque Ice. The former has the feel of the classic, albeit in a smaller form, and the latter has a see-through case, hence the name Ice.

The Flight – Another portable Fleshlight, the flight cannot be easily distinguished as a masturbator due to its clear opening that does not resemble a vagina at all. Slightly bigger than the Go but smaller than the Classic, this variant is called Flight because you can take it with you on your flight. You won’t have to worry about airport security looking at you the wrong way when they see this in your luggage since it has a rather discreet shape. It comes in two sub-variants as well, which are the Instructor and Pilot. The former has a somewhat transparent sleeve and a white shaft while the latter comes with the same sleeve but a black shaft.

Sex in a Can – One of the novelty pieces of this product lineup is this collection of 4 cans that look like beer cans, only taller and with a vaginal opening at the top. Each can measures 8 inches long in total and can be used up to 6-inches deep. These are more of a fun collectible Fleshlight than pieces that you actually purchase for your pleasure, but they do provide you with a similar sensation as the Flight and Go.

The Turbo – This is for those who love oral as much as they love standard sex. This comes in two different styles and two colors – the Thrust and the Ignition in blue or copper. These two are said to simulate the sucking sensation of a blowjob and is best used when warmed up to actually make it feel like your penis is entering a warm mouth.

The Ice – This Fleshlight is named as such not because it is cold but because it is see-through, just like ice. It is often used to add excitement to couple’s play since it shows the penis going in and out of the shaft of the device. It is a great choice for those who want to see how a penis looks when it goes in and out of a woman’s vagina.

The Vibro – If you want to add vibrations to your masturbation, this is the perfect Fleshlight for you. It comes with your choice of a number of vibrations, in different speeds and patterns, which you control with a switch. The vibrations come from inserts that you place inside the Fleshlight’s shaft.

How to Choose the Right Fleshlight

With all the choices you have, how can you pick the right one for you? Most users tend to get more than justa single piece, opting to create a collection for variety, but you do start with one. Before you purchase a Fleshlight, here are some things to ask yourself:

  • What is the size of your penis? – You have to determine the size of your penis when it is erect. This is to ensure that you get the right size Fleshlight since not all of these come in one standard size. You will need to determine girth as well as length. If your penis has a huge girth or is rather long, smaller variants like the Go might not be a good buy for you.
  • How sensitive is your penis? – If you have an overly sensitive shaft and head, you might want to start with the Classic and the STU before going with the more advanced styles like the Girls and Vibro.
  • Do you need to be visually stimulated? – If visual stimulation helps you get off, the clear and see-through variants might be a great fit.
  • How quickly do you come? – If you think you come too quickly, you should get the STU to help desensitize your penis and to build up your stamina.
  • How depraved are your choices when it comes to sex? – If you are into kinky stuff, the see-through pieces as well as the weirder variants may just be up your alley. Choose from such off-beat options like the Freaks and some of the weirder pieces from the brand.
  • What kind of orifice do you prefer? – Yes, you can choose an orifice from this product lineup. When you pick from the Girls selection, you will be given the option to pick from oral, anal, and vaginal versions of the actress.
  • How much can you afford to spend on a Fleshlight? – Your budget does play a huge part in the selection process since some of these models are more expensive than others. Find the right one that fits your budget and upgrade when you have saved up enough for the next iteration or for a better design.
  • Do you need to hide your Fleshlight when not in use? – Some people don’t care if others find their Fleshlight on their nightstand while others would rather people not know they use one. If you don’t want people seeing you with such a device or finding one in your drawers and knowing what it is, choose the more discreet models.

How to Use Your Fleshlight

While these do come in a variety of designs and sizes, there is a standard for proper usage that you must follow. This is to ensure not only your utmost pleasure but also for your safe use. Some of the things you need to remember include:

  • Always use water-based lubricant when using your Fleshlight
  • If it dries out while in used, add more lube or a few drops of water
  • Don’t go too fast when using your product
  • If you are a first-time user, more lube will help give you a better experience
  • Clean your Fleshlight after each use

You can also check out some videos that show you exactly how to use this product. These videos can be found on adult sites.

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