5 Inch Penis – Lets Talk About it

It’s been a long ongoing debate for men and women anywhere around the world.  Does size really mater? A lot of men are really conscious about the size of their penis, and this doesn’t even need statistics to be proven because even advertisements have body shaping secrets that make their dicks look bigger.

Remember the controversial Calvin Klein ad with Justin Bieber? The before and after editing photos are just shocking. It turns out that penis size is actually one of men’s biggest insecurities. Let’s say that this is not just a cultural thing. Let’s look at the bigger, more logical perspective: science.

There is an internet survey that included over 52,000 heterosexual men and women. The study found out that 85% of women who participated in the survey were actually satisfied with their partner’s penis size. 55% of the men who participated, were satisfied with the size of their genitals while at 45% of male participants wanted a larger penis size. Interestingly enough, 0.2% of the male participants wanted a smaller one (Frederick, D.A., Lever, J., & Peplau, L.A. 2006).

According to Ricket (2015, March 4) researchers answered a question that has been around for so long, “Am I normal?” In his article, he was able to tell us about how a penis is a status symbol for men. The bigger the penis, the more “macho” or more of a man you seem. The biggest thing to take note of is that the problem is not only because of having a small penis, It’s about how men perceive themselves (Frederick, D.A., Lever, J., & Peplau, L.A. 2006).

There was even a man mentioned that admitted to making his penis semi-erect before taking washing up at a communal shower at school (Ricket, 2015, March 4). There are even men who feel really pathetic having a small penis. This insecurity is often the butt of jokes shown on TV or in literary material. However hilarious a dick joke is, no matter how beautiful an edited photo is, or no matter what concept of an “ideal” penis is, this topic is a source of anxiety for men all over the world and is no laughing matter.

Your penis as a child

As a child, it may not be something you worry about unless you feel brought attention to. With baby boys, of course, having a small penis is obviously normal although, some parents worry whenever their child’s penis becomes hidden, because they think that there is a penis dysfunction or the size of their child’s genitals could possibly be small.  According to Doctor Greene (2015), this is normal depending on the fat present on the baby’s body and if the baby was circumcised but, the good news is that it does not affect the size of a boy’s private part when he gets older. There is no need to worry about size at this point.

Puberty is known to hit a boy at around ages 9 – 15. During this time, this is when boys would notice their penis more. As boys go through puberty, there is said to be no definite time or age that boys grow their private parts. Boys can go through puberty all at once or some starting from high school. It is also said that by age 14, if a boys genitals is still relatively small, there is still hope for growth, although if after body and facial hair grow and there still isn’t any growth, then that is when you need to schedule a trip to the doctor. It may be a surprise, but if you didn’t know, penis have an approximate average non-erect size as you age.  (Poncelet, 2019).

Approximate ranges of a non-erect penis by age
Age 10 to 11   1.6 to 3.1 inches
Age 12   2.0 to 4.0 inches
Age 13   2.0 to 4.7 inches
Age 14   2.4 to 5.5 inches
Age 15   3.1 to 5.9 inches
Age 16   3.9 to 5.9 inches
Age 17   3.9 to 6.3 inches
Age 18 4.3 to 6.7 inches

(Poncelet, 2019)

One has to remember that these are only approximate numbers and that, as mentioned earlier, hormonal development has no “schedule” and there is a probability that there were measurement errors. There are also factors that affect the size of a child’s genitals, such as: fat percentage or hormonal delay. If ever there are any genital dysfunctions, you can search the internet and visit your doctor. We don’t recommend relying on self-treatment, so you should think that information on the internet is only for reference and there is no replacement for getting a consultation from your doctor.

Penis Size as Adults

Fast forward to the mature version of yourself, your penis is fully grown and there’s probably nothing more you can do to improve your “situation” down there and honestly, who can blame you or the general population of men? Big penises are the highlight of most porn flicks and the actresses that they get seem to really like it when it’s big. Maybe it’s just acting or maybe they do really like it but, what do the general population of women say? It’s probably awkward to suddenly mention sizing concerns to your female friends and luckily, you don’t have to because there are a lot of studies that have been done to address this issue and, they’re available online.

Alright, so not all men are blessed with a big penis. Penis size insecurity might even be traumatic for you and you might think that bigger is better, especially in your younger years. In reality, ideal penis size may dependent on where you live (Vagianos 2016) but first, you have to know what size is considered as “small.”

How “Big” is a Small Dick?

80 “physically normal” men participated in a study where their penis was measured before and after drug-induced erections and concluded that when the male sex organ is flaccid or at rest, is less than 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) and if it less than 7.5 centimeters (3 inches), this is considered as small and should consider penis enlargement (MacGill 2018). If you’re dick isn’t at the sizes mentioned earlier, then you’re totally fine. There’s no need to worry. If you do however fall under the sizes mentioned above, then penis enlargement is available for you.

What is the Normal Penis Size?

You’ve probably guessed the answer based on the title of this article. Yes, the average erect penis size is around 5 inches. For many years researchers have struggled to answer this question and with the amount of research that we’ve gathered, this answer should be enough to satisfy this question. To be exact, the average erect penis is between 5.1 and 5.6 inches as reported by the Journal of Urology, Annals of Plastic Surgery, and the Journal of Sexual Medicine (MacGill 2018).

The British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), has used previous research to compile enough data to lead to the conclusion on the average penis size (Roland 2017). Another very interesting fact is that the overall length of an erect penis is not based on its size when it is flaccid. This means that if a man has a size of 4 centimeters when flaccid, he can have the same erect size as another man who has a 5 or 6 centimeter penis when flaccid, based on a MacGill (2018) article.

There’s no need to complain to a urologist or a psychotherapist for the length of your penis because studies show that length is important to women but, the girth or the circumference of the widest part of the penis is actually more important than length. If you do however feel that these statements are not enough, wait until you read the rest of the article.

Do Women Care?

Media has been doing its job of convincing men and women alike that women have a strong preference for large penises and this opened the door wide-open for penis enlargement products and procedures (Bramley, S., Hodsoll, J., Miles, S., Muir, G., & Veale, J. 2014). This perfectly feeds the insecurities that men feel and makes penis enlargement a definite need.

Luckily for the general population, there are a lot of sources for this kind of information. In November 2015, a study had an all-female group of participants that were given a task to help us recognize their preferences with regards to penis size. The women were tasked to select their penis size preference with 3D printed shaft models that were colored blue. The blue color was added to the 3D models to avoid particular race suggestions. This study led to 75 women showing that they’d rather have a man with a smaller girth and a slightly smaller length for long term partners (MacGill 2018).

You may be glad to know that men with smaller penises or average sized penises might actually be better at sex compared to men with big dicks and this is based on a book by sex and relationship therapist, Stephen Snyder. This is because men with average penis sizes focus on foreplay and this could have higher chances of getting an orgasm (Nicoll 2019).. 

How Do I Make My Dick Bigger?

If you’re a man, chances are that this question has crossed your mind at least once in your life and there are dozens of penis enlargement products, procedures, and hacks wherever you go. With the many products in the market, it’s really hard to choose which is penis enlargement product works or is worth a try. It’s not really a necessity but, if you’ve made up your mind, then here are a few things to you could do or have to do so:

  • Jelquing

Jelquing might be a relatively unknown term but this refers to kind of a stretching exercise that naturally increases the size of your penis. Doing this is said to make your dick seem thicker and longer. There is no evidence proving that this works but give it a try. It might work for you (Jewell, T., 2019).

  • Oral and external tools for penis enlargement

This is probably the easiest to find. Pills, potions and anything you can put on your body might be bought from a well-known store or pharmacy. These are controversial topics that you might love or hate but these are the most affordable one next to jelquing.

  • Surgery

Modern technology is truly amazing as you can opt to have surgery in both female and male genital sex organs. Penoplasty, or penis enlarging surgery is, as you guessed it, expensive. A Penoplasty can last up to two hours and cost somewhere around £4,000-6,000 ($5129.68- 7694.52) as seen in Nicoll (2019). If you’re really interested in this, then it is an investment.

  • Vacuum Pump

A penis vacuum pump is actually originally used as a medical device. It was used to correct erectile dysfunction. The choices available could be overwhelming but as long as you stick with a well-known manufacturer and a highly reviewed item, it should be a great choice (Armstrong, N.D.).

  • Penile Extenders

This is another non-invasive way to make your size bigger. This is customizable, discrete, but a bit complicated. The use of modern penile extenders is known to be painless as they are ergonomically engineered to slowly stretch your penis (James, 2019).

Final Thoughts

Although there are numerous ways to enlarge your penis, the means of doing so depends on you. With all the information given, hopefully we’ve debunked the insecurities that you feel about your penis size. If of course, there is an absolute need and want for penis enlarging techniques or technology, then we hope we were able to supply enough information to get you through it.


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